BFF Fashion Girls


BFF Fashion Girls is one of the newest dress up games. It was developed by Promedia Studio and it works great on android devices. It’s a girly game where you can try fruit fashion! This trend is all about fruits! You will love all of the colorful clothes with fruit patterns on them and all of the adorable accessories shaped like fruits!


The three BFFs want to go shopping and try this sweet trend. You can be their fashion adviser and find out what looks best on each girl. You can choose outfits that are very similar, so everyone will know that these girls are friends or you can try completely different styles.


Fruit patterns are really girly and cute! It’s impossible not to fall in love with this trend! Plus, you can combine the items in a lot of different ways. Try a t-shirt with jeans and sneakers for a casual summer look. If you like elegant clothes, pick one of the beautiful fruity dresses with high heels. You can add a lot of adorable accessories like purses and jewelry items.


This is one of those girl games where you take the girls in turns are create a cute look for each one. You can experiment as much as you like. Personally, I enjoy trying on all of the items before I can decide which one I like best. You can use your creativity to mix and match the items for a perfect outfit.


To conclude, BFF Fashion Girls is a really cool dress up game for girls. I love the idea of fruity fashion and I think you will enjoy this game as much as I do! So, download the app on Google Play and give it a try! It’s completely free, really fun and totally addictive!


Blondie Bride Perfect Wedding


Blondie Bride Perfect Wedding is one of the most beautiful wedding games ever! It was developed by Promedia Studio and you can get it for free on Google Play. It works great on Android devices and it’s super fun! It has levels of makeup, dress up and nails, so you can’t get bored. It’s like having more girl games in a single app. Plus, the graphics are super girly and cute. You will surely enjoy it!


The makeup level is filled with amazing glittery products. There are so many colors that you can try for the eyes and lips. I think a bride makeup look should be simple and cute. It should accentuate the girl’s natural beauty, but it shouldn’t look like she has too much makeup on her face. I love that this game offers a lot of makeup options, from a subtle and natural look to a colorful and edgy makeup. So, it’s easy to create the perfect bridal look!


In the dress up level you can do the bride’s hair and choose the perfect wedding dress for her. You can find some of the latest wedding fashion ideas in this game. The dresses look wonderful! You have everything you can imagine, from simple and elegant dresses to fabulous gowns. You can try all of the clothes and decide what looks best on the bride. Add some stunning accessories and the outfit will be complete.


The fun won’t stop when the bride is dressed. You can also do her nails! The wedding manicure needs to look great, so take your time with it. You can experiment with a lot of stunning nail designs. You can try a nude color with simple decorations or go for something super trendy and cute. You can really focus on the details in this beautiful wedding game.


To conclude, this game is super cute! I love the gameplay and the graphics too. It’s amazing how many things you can do in just one app. Plus, I love wedding games, so of course this one impressed me. If you want to be blown away by amazing fashion options and gorgeous beauty ideas, download the app on Google Play!

Girly House Decorating Game


Girly House Decorating Game is an Android app developed by Pinkie Pop. It’s a girly decorating game where you can explore interior design. You have a beautiful pink house with four rooms: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. You can enter each one and decorate it with lovely furniture pieces and girly ornaments. You can be as creative as you like and show off your personality in your dream home!


Each room has different patterns for the walls and floor. You can also change the windows and add some adorable curtains. Then, you can pick the furniture and appliances. The items are different in each room, so you can’t get bored. Mix and match the furniture pieces until you are truly happy with the look. You have a lot of ornaments as well! Decorate the house with mirrors, lamps, paintings, house plants and other cute ornaments. You can really express your creativity in this game for girls!


I like to try different designs for each room. In the bedroom I always choose a bed with lots of blankets and fluffy pillows on it and a big wardrobe where I could fit all my stuff. I like to make the living room super modern and stylish with posters on the wall and a shelf full of ornaments. For the kitchen I usually pick a polka dots theme and I try to keep everything simple in the bathroom. Still, you can try anything you want!


I love that you can see the house as a whole, so you can tell if the rooms match. You can make them look as different or as similar as you wish! Plus, there are a lot of items in each one. It’s really easy to find something you like, because there are so many different styles. The graphics and super girly and cute! You have a lot of beautiful items in pastel colors. If you love girl games, you will surely enjoy this one.


You can get this game on Google Play and have fun for ages. There are just so many ways in which you can decorate this home. It’s really creative and interesting. Plus, the app is completely free, so you have nothing to lose! Give it a try and design your dream home!

Candy Fashion Dress Up & Makeup Game



Candy Fashion Dress Up & Makeup Game is an app developed by Promedia Studio. It’s one of the sweetest girl games I have ever played and I think you will enjoy it too! This game is all about candy! You can create a look inspired by your favorite dessert. And that’s not all! The game offers you makeup, hair, dress up and nails, all in one place. It’s like you have the cutest girl games in a single app!


First, you will enter the makeup salon. You have a lot of amazing products including lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and blush. All of them are inspired by your favorite sweets! Plus, you can use contact lenses to change the eye color for the perfect look.


The dress up level is really something special! You have dresses inspired by ice cream, cupcakes and other candies. You can also try colorful skirts or pants with a girly top. For accessories you can choose a lollipop bag or some sweet jewelry items. You also have a lot of colorful hairstyles in this level, so you can make this girl look anyway you like!


The nail salon has some really cool nail polish colors, patterns and ornaments. You can make it look like this girl just dipped her fingers in chocolate! Plus, you have some cute fruity designs for the manicure.


Everything in this game is super sweet and I love it! You can download it on Google Play and have fun for ages. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Makeover Game: Glossy Girls

glossy1Makeover Game: Glossy Girls is a girly game for Android. It was developed by Games4M and you can get it for free on Google Play. The app was designed for girls who love makeup and want to try different looks. You don’t have a goal that you need to achieve in this game. You just have to enjoy yourself!

Personally, I got a bit tired of long games. I like simple apps that are cute and fun. And this makeover app is really great! It offers you a lot of great products and it allows you to try any makeup look you like! The best part is that you don’t have to try it on your face! You can just test it in this free app and see if it would look okay or not!


There are three models in the game and they look completely different. You can choose a girl that looks like you and try to find the best makeup for your face shape! Plus, you can even change the eye color for each model, which is pretty cool. The girls will be happy, no matter what you pick for them, so you can even try your craziest ideas!


The game offers a variety of makeup products, so there are a lot of looks you can create. You have different shades of lipstick, eye shadow and blush. Some products are glittery, while others are matte. Plus, you also have black mascara for the lashes. This girly game is all about being creative with what you have. You need to mix and match the items in order to create the perfect look for each girl.


I think this game is really cute and it’s worth a try! The graphics look so adorable and all of the colors are simply amazing. I think I have already tried all of the possible makeup combinations, because I just couldn’t put my phone down since I got this makeover app. If you want to play around with makeup too, download the app and try it out for free!

Chic Makeup Salon


Chic Makeup Salon is a free Android app developed by Games4M. It combines makeup, hair and nails, all in one amazing game! It’s fun and addictive, so I decided to show you what this game has to offer! It’s like your own beauty salon, where you can have fun for hours. You can decorate the salon, complete your tasks and take care of your customers. This way, you will earn coins and you will be able to unlock new items! If you want to advance really fast, you can just buy more coins and unlock all the levels. Still, it’s really cool to play the hard way and work for your money.


The Chic Makeup Salon game has four levels: hair, makeup, manicure and pedicure. There is a short tutorial for each one, so you can’t mess up! Basically, you just need to select the client, take her to the right station and make her look great. It’s really cool that you don’t need to create a certain look. You can just do whatever you want! Sure, your clients won’t always like your choices, but you can learn what they like! So, let me walk you through each station of this beauty salon!


For the hair you have some really fancy styles from a short and straight cut to some long curls. You can try all of the hairdos and pick the one you like. Then, you have to choose the color from a palette. You can go for a regular color like blonde or brunette or try something really fun like purple hair! There are lots of combinations in Chic Makeup Salon and I suggest you try all of them. You will really enjoy it!


The makeup level allows you to create a fabulous look for your client. You can decide what colors look good on her skin. I like that you actually have to apply the products to her face, because the Chic Makeup Salon app is super realistic. You need to glide the lipstick on her lips and pat some powder on her cheeks! Experiment with different makeup looks and show your creativity at the beauty salon!


The Chic Makeup Salon offers two levels for the nails: manicure and pedicure. You will be amazed by how many colors you can try! You have glittery nail polish, fun patterns and cute decorations for the nails. I was really impressed with all the different designs that this game lets you create for both manicure and pedicure. It’s truly amazing and you can even get inspiration for your own nails!


So, what are you waiting for? Download Chic Makeup Salon and you won’t be able to put your phone down! It’s free and it’s super fun! Open your own beauty salon and explore all the levels for hair, makeup and nails! Show your beauty skills and your business strategy. You need to do your best and keep the girls happy so they will always visit your salon and leave you generous tips. Become a real beauty expert in this free game!

Patrician 3


Patrician 3: Rise of the Hanse is the third video game of the Patrician series developed by Ascaron. The game was released in 2000 and it is a realistic simulator for trading, piracy, politics and economy. Even though this game is really old, it’s pretty awesome and it has everything you would expect from a strategy game. So, what’s it all about?

In the beginning of the game, you are just a humble shopkeeper. Your main goal is to expand your company through trade, business and politics. Initially, you get a small number of merchant ships, a small amount of money and an office. You will buy cheap goods and sell them at a higher price in other towns, in order to make profit. Of course, every town has its own specific needs regarding goods and every social class has its own requirement, that’s why you need a good economic strategy.

There are 3 social classes: the poor, the wealthy or the middle class and the rich. Beggars are also present, since the game is pretty realistic. Each class has different needs regarding housing and consumption. The poor live in modest households and demand beer and grain, while the rich wish to feast on fish and wine in their fancy homes. Your job is to satisfy everyone’s needs, so they will be happy and they will continue to live in your town and pay you rent. Apart from money, you also get a reputation, based on how you treat the citizens.

The game is super realistic, since you start at the smallest rank. The ranks are shopkeeper, trader, merchant, traveling merchant, councilor and patrician. You need to expand your business if you want to get to a higher rank. How can you do that? It’s simple: you need to construct new buildings, so you can offer people work and a place to live. Then, you should fulfill their demands and they will repay you with money and a good reputation. You can also get a great reputation if you hunt down pirates or make donations. So, what happens if you’re rich and loved by the people? Well, you will have a higher rank with more power and more responsibility. You will slowly start to make decisions regarding politic matters and you will need to protect your town. I could give away a bit more, but I will let you discover the rest on your own.

To conclude, this game is super realistic. You start at the bottom and work your way up. That’s what I love about it! It’s super challenging and fun. It doesn’t always offer immediate satisfaction and you really need to work hard for the things you want. Still, once you get what you want, you will surely want more, because it’s addictive. So, give it a chance! Try out your own strategy and become a rich, influential and respected member of the society! Good luck!

Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Maid Marian Entertainment. The game has been around since 2005, but it has been constantly updated to better versions. The coolest thing about this game is that you don‘t need to download or install anything in order to play it. You don’t even need an account! It’s completely free and super fun, so I wanted to talk about it for a little bit.

The player needs to choose a name and agree to the terms and conditions in order to play this game. After that, you can create your character and start exploring the map. The character can be a human or a skeleton, which is pretty awesome. You can choose your gender, skin color, hairstyle and armor. After that, you will have a quick tutorial that explains the controls. Since it’s a fantasy combat game, you will soon find some weird creatures to kill!

The purpose of the game is to become better in combat, but you have lots of other cool things you can do! Exploring this fantasy world is pretty cool, since you have different buildings, characters and animals all over the map. The graphics are okay for a browser-based game. Plus, you don’t need a very good PC in order to play. You can’t really complain about the small details, since the game loads quickly and doesn’t freeze. So what can you do? I suggest that you should start with exploring the dungeons and gathering as many items as you can. You will find awesome weapons, shields, amulets and other cool stuff. Each item will help you in some way, so choose wisely!

Once you’re ready to fight, you can just go to the first giant spider that you see and kill it. Of course, more interesting creatures will appear later in the game, but you need experience in order to become a better fighter. You can interact with the characters in the game and accept different quests. The quests give you items and experience. You can also talk to other players and team up with them in order to fight some bigger monsters.

To conclude, I really enjoy this game and I think it’s so cool that you have lots of different things to do. Plus, this is a great place to make friends. It’s easier to work as a team and you need to collaborate with other players, so you will surely find someone to play with. The game is super entertaining and it will make you come back every day in order to reach a new level. If you don’t believe me, just try it out for yourself!

Stranded Deep

Stranded deep

Stranded Deep is a first person survival game released by Beam Team Games in January 2015. It’s more than an open world game, since the world is created as you play. The map is basically infinite and you have tons of awesome places to explore. The only goal you have in this game is to stay alive for as long as you can. So, what’s so awesome about it?

Well, it’s not like all of the other games where you face supernatural horrors that will never happen in the real world. This game prepares you for real terrors. It all begins when the main character is traveling by plane. The action develops quickly, as the plane crashes in the first few minutes of the game. You are the only survivor left all alone somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. What you do from now on is all up to you.

You need to gather resources in order to survive, just like you would in real life. You need water, food and shelter. Plus, you might get hurt, so you need to improvise and keep yourself healthy. What shocked me was that this game is super realistic. For example, you can’t just drink water from the ocean, because it’s salty and it will dehydrate you. It’s up to you to find a way to make it drinkable.

You can cut trees and build yourself a small shelter where you might feel a bit safe. You also need to make weapons that will allow you to hunt and defend yourself. Still, you can’t just settle on an island and live there happily. At some point you will consume all of the resources that the island has to offer and you will be forced to leave. You can only carry a few things with you, so be careful what you pick! Plus, you will encounter many dangerous creatures in the depth of the ocean, so beware!

I love this game because you can literally play it forever. Still, it’s a bit annoying to start from scratch when you die, so make sure you always save the game! I was fascinated by all of the amazing mysteries that were planted in certain areas. Plus, the graphics are awesome, so it’s a pleasure to just explore this world. Still, if I could change one thing about the game, I would change the character development, since it’s pretty much absent. I would love to discover more about the character as I play. Still, the game is great, regardless of this aspect. I really think you should give it a try!

Top Cooking Rush

Top Cooking Rush is a new restaurant simulator available on Android. It was developed by Games4M and it got a great reaction from the public on the very first day, so I figured I should try it out. And I can tell you, I was impressed! The game is super entertaining and highly addictive. I could barely take my hands off my phone to write this article, but I pulled myself together for your guys. Still, I’ll probably get right back to playing the game as soon as I’m done writing!


The game is all about time management. You need to cook some fancy foods for your customers and you have to be very quick! They don’t have much patience. You will often end up cooking the meal and preparing the drink at the same time, so you will receive a bigger tip. Still, you can’t just throw stuff on a plate and expect money for it. You need to cook the meat right and put the ingredients in the right order, or else you risk working for free! You will only receive a tip if you do a good job, which seems fair to me.


Once you have enough gold coins, you can unlock new levels. There are four different restaurants that you can own! How awesome is that? You get tons of different foods to cook! I personally feel a bit hungry every time I play this game. The steak, fries, salad, juice and everything else just looks so tasty! Still, you don’t need great cooking skills to make the food right. You just need to look at the order and arrange the ingredients on the plate until the food looks identical to what the customer asked for. That’s pretty much like a puzzle!


You can upgrade most of the cooking utensils in your restaurant and that will make it so much easier for you to become a well-known chef. At first I thought it was a bit weird that you have upgrades for a bigger tip or more clients per day, because I kind of feel like I’m using cheats. Each upgrade just makes it so much easier to have fun! You have tons of options to improve your restaurant, so you can become successful. Then, you will unlock all of the other restaurants and learn how to cook new foods.


I can’t wait to own all of the restaurants in the neighborhood, so I will get back to the cooking game now. I can’t stress enough how addictive this app is! I really think you should give it a try, since it’s free. You can also buy coins if you want to, but you will definitely enjoy this game even if you don’t pay. Here’s the Google Play link. Try it out! I’d love to hear your opinions about the game!