Chic Makeup Salon


Chic Makeup Salon is a free Android app developed by Games4M. It combines makeup, hair and nails, all in one amazing game! It’s fun and addictive, so I decided to show you what this game has to offer! It’s like your own beauty salon, where you can have fun for hours. You can decorate the salon, complete your tasks and take care of your customers. This way, you will earn coins and you will be able to unlock new items! If you want to advance really fast, you can just buy more coins and unlock all the levels. Still, it’s really cool to play the hard way and work for your money.


The Chic Makeup Salon game has four levels: hair, makeup, manicure and pedicure. There is a short tutorial for each one, so you can’t mess up! Basically, you just need to select the client, take her to the right station and make her look great. It’s really cool that you don’t need to create a certain look. You can just do whatever you want! Sure, your clients won’t always like your choices, but you can learn what they like! So, let me walk you through each station of this beauty salon!


For the hair you have some really fancy styles from a short and straight cut to some long curls. You can try all of the hairdos and pick the one you like. Then, you have to choose the color from a palette. You can go for a regular color like blonde or brunette or try something really fun like purple hair! There are lots of combinations in Chic Makeup Salon and I suggest you try all of them. You will really enjoy it!


The makeup level allows you to create a fabulous look for your client. You can decide what colors look good on her skin. I like that you actually have to apply the products to her face, because the Chic Makeup Salon app is super realistic. You need to glide the lipstick on her lips and pat some powder on her cheeks! Experiment with different makeup looks and show your creativity at the beauty salon!


The Chic Makeup Salon offers two levels for the nails: manicure and pedicure. You will be amazed by how many colors you can try! You have glittery nail polish, fun patterns and cute decorations for the nails. I was really impressed with all the different designs that this game lets you create for both manicure and pedicure. It’s truly amazing and you can even get inspiration for your own nails!


So, what are you waiting for? Download Chic Makeup Salon and you won’t be able to put your phone down! It’s free and it’s super fun! Open your own beauty salon and explore all the levels for hair, makeup and nails! Show your beauty skills and your business strategy. You need to do your best and keep the girls happy so they will always visit your salon and leave you generous tips. Become a real beauty expert in this free game!


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