One of the first things I did when I got my first smartphone was to look for a Tamagotchi app. That’s when I discovered Pou. I download it and instantly fell in love with it. Pou is a virtual pet that you can raise on your iPhone or Android. It was developed by Paul Salameh and you can download it for free. I honestly think this app is the closest thing to a Tamagotchi that you can have on your phone. I think it’s a really great app and let me tell you why!

Pou is a brown creature in the shape of a triangle with rounded corners. I think he is an alien, but I don’t know that for sure. What I know is that he is adorable with his large eyes and tiny mouth. The design is really simplistic, which seemed like a turn off for me at first. I wanted a cute pet and I felt like the creator could have put a bit more effort into designing a more beautiful creature. Still, Pou is really lovable just the way he is. At first, I wanted to change his color and customize him, but when I finally had the coins to do it, I didn’t want to change him anymore. I got used to the design and started to like it.

If you’re unhappy with your Pou, don’t worry! You can customize him as you wish! I keep referring to Pou as a boy, because I dressed mine like a boy in a tiny suit with a tiny hat. Still, you can dress Pou like a girl and use wigs to make him cuter. You can also buy makeup! But don’t stress out about money. You don’t have to pay anything for this game, if you don’t want to. You just need to take care of Pou and you’ll get coins with every level you unlock. You can also play games in the app to get more coins.

Taking care of Pou is pretty much like owning a Tamagotchi. You need to feed him, wash him, play with him and put him to sleep. You can buy different things for him, like food or soap. You can also change the wallpaper in every room and buy a new night lamp for the bedroom. You will see the food, health, sleep and happiness meters at the top of your screen. You must make sure they are always green. Honestly, I turned off the notifications, because they were a bit annoying and I forgot about him for a while. When I returned he was still there, even though he was ill and starving. So, I thought I should tell you that this pet will never die, which is really cool.

To conclude, this app is awesome and you should try it. Pou is like a pet that you can take anywhere. It offers you the change to have fun, without having much responsibility. Plus, you have small games to play within the app. I love those! They are pretty simple. You need to collect coins, catch food, tap on the sad face and so on. Still, they are very entertaining. If you get bored, but don’t want to uninstall the app, you can use potions to take care of Pou fast or make him grow. Still, I had my Pou for more than one year and I didn’t get bored of him yet. So, I highly recommend this app!