Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Maid Marian Entertainment. The game has been around since 2005, but it has been constantly updated to better versions. The coolest thing about this game is that you don‘t need to download or install anything in order to play it. You don’t even need an account! It’s completely free and super fun, so I wanted to talk about it for a little bit.

The player needs to choose a name and agree to the terms and conditions in order to play this game. After that, you can create your character and start exploring the map. The character can be a human or a skeleton, which is pretty awesome. You can choose your gender, skin color, hairstyle and armor. After that, you will have a quick tutorial that explains the controls. Since it’s a fantasy combat game, you will soon find some weird creatures to kill!

The purpose of the game is to become better in combat, but you have lots of other cool things you can do! Exploring this fantasy world is pretty cool, since you have different buildings, characters and animals all over the map. The graphics are okay for a browser-based game. Plus, you don’t need a very good PC in order to play. You can’t really complain about the small details, since the game loads quickly and doesn’t freeze. So what can you do? I suggest that you should start with exploring the dungeons and gathering as many items as you can. You will find awesome weapons, shields, amulets and other cool stuff. Each item will help you in some way, so choose wisely!

Once you’re ready to fight, you can just go to the first giant spider that you see and kill it. Of course, more interesting creatures will appear later in the game, but you need experience in order to become a better fighter. You can interact with the characters in the game and accept different quests. The quests give you items and experience. You can also talk to other players and team up with them in order to fight some bigger monsters.

To conclude, I really enjoy this game and I think it’s so cool that you have lots of different things to do. Plus, this is a great place to make friends. It’s easier to work as a team and you need to collaborate with other players, so you will surely find someone to play with. The game is super entertaining and it will make you come back every day in order to reach a new level. If you don’t believe me, just try it out for yourself!