Blondie Bride Perfect Wedding


Blondie Bride Perfect Wedding is one of the most beautiful wedding games ever! It was developed by Promedia Studio and you can get it for free on Google Play. It works great on Android devices and it’s super fun! It has levels of makeup, dress up and nails, so you can’t get bored. It’s like having more girl games in a single app. Plus, the graphics are super girly and cute. You will surely enjoy it!


The makeup level is filled with amazing glittery products. There are so many colors that you can try for the eyes and lips. I think a bride makeup look should be simple and cute. It should accentuate the girl’s natural beauty, but it shouldn’t look like she has too much makeup on her face. I love that this game offers a lot of makeup options, from a subtle and natural look to a colorful and edgy makeup. So, it’s easy to create the perfect bridal look!


In the dress up level you can do the bride’s hair and choose the perfect wedding dress for her. You can find some of the latest wedding fashion ideas in this game. The dresses look wonderful! You have everything you can imagine, from simple and elegant dresses to fabulous gowns. You can try all of the clothes and decide what looks best on the bride. Add some stunning accessories and the outfit will be complete.


The fun won’t stop when the bride is dressed. You can also do her nails! The wedding manicure needs to look great, so take your time with it. You can experiment with a lot of stunning nail designs. You can try a nude color with simple decorations or go for something super trendy and cute. You can really focus on the details in this beautiful wedding game.


To conclude, this game is super cute! I love the gameplay and the graphics too. It’s amazing how many things you can do in just one app. Plus, I love wedding games, so of course this one impressed me. If you want to be blown away by amazing fashion options and gorgeous beauty ideas, download the app on Google Play!


Girly House Decorating Game


Girly House Decorating Game is an Android app developed by Pinkie Pop. It’s a girly decorating game where you can explore interior design. You have a beautiful pink house with four rooms: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. You can enter each one and decorate it with lovely furniture pieces and girly ornaments. You can be as creative as you like and show off your personality in your dream home!


Each room has different patterns for the walls and floor. You can also change the windows and add some adorable curtains. Then, you can pick the furniture and appliances. The items are different in each room, so you can’t get bored. Mix and match the furniture pieces until you are truly happy with the look. You have a lot of ornaments as well! Decorate the house with mirrors, lamps, paintings, house plants and other cute ornaments. You can really express your creativity in this game for girls!


I like to try different designs for each room. In the bedroom I always choose a bed with lots of blankets and fluffy pillows on it and a big wardrobe where I could fit all my stuff. I like to make the living room super modern and stylish with posters on the wall and a shelf full of ornaments. For the kitchen I usually pick a polka dots theme and I try to keep everything simple in the bathroom. Still, you can try anything you want!


I love that you can see the house as a whole, so you can tell if the rooms match. You can make them look as different or as similar as you wish! Plus, there are a lot of items in each one. It’s really easy to find something you like, because there are so many different styles. The graphics and super girly and cute! You have a lot of beautiful items in pastel colors. If you love girl games, you will surely enjoy this one.


You can get this game on Google Play and have fun for ages. There are just so many ways in which you can decorate this home. It’s really creative and interesting. Plus, the app is completely free, so you have nothing to lose! Give it a try and design your dream home!

Candy Fashion Dress Up & Makeup Game



Candy Fashion Dress Up & Makeup Game is an app developed by Promedia Studio. It’s one of the sweetest girl games I have ever played and I think you will enjoy it too! This game is all about candy! You can create a look inspired by your favorite dessert. And that’s not all! The game offers you makeup, hair, dress up and nails, all in one place. It’s like you have the cutest girl games in a single app!


First, you will enter the makeup salon. You have a lot of amazing products including lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and blush. All of them are inspired by your favorite sweets! Plus, you can use contact lenses to change the eye color for the perfect look.


The dress up level is really something special! You have dresses inspired by ice cream, cupcakes and other candies. You can also try colorful skirts or pants with a girly top. For accessories you can choose a lollipop bag or some sweet jewelry items. You also have a lot of colorful hairstyles in this level, so you can make this girl look anyway you like!


The nail salon has some really cool nail polish colors, patterns and ornaments. You can make it look like this girl just dipped her fingers in chocolate! Plus, you have some cute fruity designs for the manicure.


Everything in this game is super sweet and I love it! You can download it on Google Play and have fun for ages. Try it out and let me know what you think!