Candy Fashion Dress Up & Makeup Game



Candy Fashion Dress Up & Makeup Game is an app developed by Promedia Studio. It’s one of the sweetest girl games I have ever played and I think you will enjoy it too! This game is all about candy! You can create a look inspired by your favorite dessert. And that’s not all! The game offers you makeup, hair, dress up and nails, all in one place. It’s like you have the cutest girl games in a single app!


First, you will enter the makeup salon. You have a lot of amazing products including lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and blush. All of them are inspired by your favorite sweets! Plus, you can use contact lenses to change the eye color for the perfect look.


The dress up level is really something special! You have dresses inspired by ice cream, cupcakes and other candies. You can also try colorful skirts or pants with a girly top. For accessories you can choose a lollipop bag or some sweet jewelry items. You also have a lot of colorful hairstyles in this level, so you can make this girl look anyway you like!


The nail salon has some really cool nail polish colors, patterns and ornaments. You can make it look like this girl just dipped her fingers in chocolate! Plus, you have some cute fruity designs for the manicure.


Everything in this game is super sweet and I love it! You can download it on Google Play and have fun for ages. Try it out and let me know what you think!


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