Stranded Deep

Stranded deep

Stranded Deep is a first person survival game released by Beam Team Games in January 2015. It’s more than an open world game, since the world is created as you play. The map is basically infinite and you have tons of awesome places to explore. The only goal you have in this game is to stay alive for as long as you can. So, what’s so awesome about it?

Well, it’s not like all of the other games where you face supernatural horrors that will never happen in the real world. This game prepares you for real terrors. It all begins when the main character is traveling by plane. The action develops quickly, as the plane crashes in the first few minutes of the game. You are the only survivor left all alone somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. What you do from now on is all up to you.

You need to gather resources in order to survive, just like you would in real life. You need water, food and shelter. Plus, you might get hurt, so you need to improvise and keep yourself healthy. What shocked me was that this game is super realistic. For example, you can’t just drink water from the ocean, because it’s salty and it will dehydrate you. It’s up to you to find a way to make it drinkable.

You can cut trees and build yourself a small shelter where you might feel a bit safe. You also need to make weapons that will allow you to hunt and defend yourself. Still, you can’t just settle on an island and live there happily. At some point you will consume all of the resources that the island has to offer and you will be forced to leave. You can only carry a few things with you, so be careful what you pick! Plus, you will encounter many dangerous creatures in the depth of the ocean, so beware!

I love this game because you can literally play it forever. Still, it’s a bit annoying to start from scratch when you die, so make sure you always save the game! I was fascinated by all of the amazing mysteries that were planted in certain areas. Plus, the graphics are awesome, so it’s a pleasure to just explore this world. Still, if I could change one thing about the game, I would change the character development, since it’s pretty much absent. I would love to discover more about the character as I play. Still, the game is great, regardless of this aspect. I really think you should give it a try!


Top Cooking Rush

Top Cooking Rush is a new restaurant simulator available on Android. It was developed by Games4M and it got a great reaction from the public on the very first day, so I figured I should try it out. And I can tell you, I was impressed! The game is super entertaining and highly addictive. I could barely take my hands off my phone to write this article, but I pulled myself together for your guys. Still, I’ll probably get right back to playing the game as soon as I’m done writing!


The game is all about time management. You need to cook some fancy foods for your customers and you have to be very quick! They don’t have much patience. You will often end up cooking the meal and preparing the drink at the same time, so you will receive a bigger tip. Still, you can’t just throw stuff on a plate and expect money for it. You need to cook the meat right and put the ingredients in the right order, or else you risk working for free! You will only receive a tip if you do a good job, which seems fair to me.


Once you have enough gold coins, you can unlock new levels. There are four different restaurants that you can own! How awesome is that? You get tons of different foods to cook! I personally feel a bit hungry every time I play this game. The steak, fries, salad, juice and everything else just looks so tasty! Still, you don’t need great cooking skills to make the food right. You just need to look at the order and arrange the ingredients on the plate until the food looks identical to what the customer asked for. That’s pretty much like a puzzle!


You can upgrade most of the cooking utensils in your restaurant and that will make it so much easier for you to become a well-known chef. At first I thought it was a bit weird that you have upgrades for a bigger tip or more clients per day, because I kind of feel like I’m using cheats. Each upgrade just makes it so much easier to have fun! You have tons of options to improve your restaurant, so you can become successful. Then, you will unlock all of the other restaurants and learn how to cook new foods.


I can’t wait to own all of the restaurants in the neighborhood, so I will get back to the cooking game now. I can’t stress enough how addictive this app is! I really think you should give it a try, since it’s free. You can also buy coins if you want to, but you will definitely enjoy this game even if you don’t pay. Here’s the Google Play link. Try it out! I’d love to hear your opinions about the game!